This year can be the year you get all of your resolutions on track and keep them that way all year long. Use these goal trackers, gym recommendations, and healthy grocery stores to help you knock it out of the park with those 2022 resolutions! 

We’ve got you covered with everything from awesome gyms in Austin with trainers and programs to help you meet your fitness and exercise goals to health food stores and natural food stores in Austin to keep your diet on track as well. Eating healthy in Austin is a breeze!  

Finally, don’t go at it alone. You can use the helpful apps listed below to help make goal planning and tracking easier than ever. You always have that phone on your person anyway so might as well put it to good use in the resolution department! 

Apps To Help with New Year’s Resolutions: 

Choose the category of your resolutions below and check out the recommended apps in those categories. These apps will have you following through with those new year’s resolutions with ease! 

Getting Organized / Scheduling: 

Grid Diary (iOS, Android)

Strides (iOS) or Loop (Android)

Working Out / Losing Weight 

MyFitnessPal (iOS, Android)

Weight Watchers (now known as WW)

Obé Fitness (Online)

Getting Healthy: 

FollowMyHealth (iOS, Android)

Doctor on Demand (iOS, Android)

Quit Smoking With Andrew Johnson (iOS, Android)

Eating Better / Cooking At Home: 

Fooducate (iOS, Android)

PlateJoy (iOS, Android)

Forks Over Knives (iOS, Android)

Spend Less / Financial Goals: 

Mint (iOS, Android)

Digit (iOS, Android)

Debt Payoff Planner (iOS, Android)

Time Management: 

Productive (iOS, Android)

Todoist (iOS, Android)

Best Gyms in Austin: 

Here are some of the best gyms in Austin. These are a great place to start your goals and get fit and healthy in 2022! It’s never too late to get started, check them out today! 

Castle Hill Fitness

12th and Lamar Blvd | 360 and Westlake Dr

The Barre Code

2300 S Lamar Blvd


440 East Saint Elmo Rd Ste E1

Athletic Outcomes

2301 E Riverside Dr Ste 50


4211 South Lamar Blvd

Ro Fitness

74 Trinity St | 2425 Exposition Blvd Ste E1

Austin Simply Fit

1621 S Lamar Blvd | 5134 Burnet Rd


1211 W 6th St Ste 100

Black Swan Yoga

403 Orchard St | 4534 Westgate Blvd | 1417 W Anderson Lane | 913 E Cesar Chavez St


Multiple Locations

Hyde Park Gym

4125 Guadalupe St

Austin Bouldering Project

979 Springdale Rd

Ignite Fitnez

1005 East Saint Elmo Rd #10

Natural Food Stores in Austin: 

Here are some of the best Natural Food Stores in Austin to help you meet and reach your goals of eating better this year. These great shops will keep you nourished without all the extra crud that we’re always looking to cut from our diets! 

Natural Grocers

4615 N Lamar Blvd. Suite 304,

Austin, TX  78751


Thom’s Market

1418 Barton Springs Rd.

Austin, TX 78704


Wheatsville Food Co-op

4001 S Lamar Blvd.

Austin, TX 78704


Sprouts Farmers Market

Brody Oaks Shopping Center,

4006 S Lamar Blvd. Ste 400,

Austin, TX 78704


Trader Joe’s

211 Walter Seaholm Dr. Ste 100,

Austin, TX 78701


Central Market

4001 N Lamar Blvd.

Austin, TX 78756


Whole Foods Market

525 N Lamar Blvd.

Austin, TX 78703


Fresh Plus Grocery

1221 W Lynn St.

Austin, TX 78703



1000 E 41st St.

Austin, TX 78751


Rabbit Food Grocery

2425 Exposition Bld. Ste. A

Austin, TX 78703

(512) 666-8638

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