Ah, Tex-Mex. The Lone Star State’s quintessential cuisine. When a hankering comes for “big as your face burritos” or “the best fajitas,” these are the Katy Tex-Mex restaurants that should be on your radar.


1. Jimmy Changas

Where: 300 Westgreen Blvd
Price: $$

With multiple locations across East Texas, Jimmy Changas can satisfy your craving for Tex-Mex eats. There are many standouts on the menu, but one shines more so than others, the El Jefe. This combo-meal of sorts comes with a hefty beef enchilada, fajita chicken rolled taco and a chicken flauta served alongside pico de gallo, a cup of queso and of course the Tex-Mex necessity, sour cream.


2. Bullritos

Where: 24441 Katy Fwy
Price: $

When your stomach is growling and it sounds like it’s growling out “burritos,” you better get to Bullritos. This local burrito spot specialized in the rolled up food, but it’s not just any burrito — these things are huge. No matter what you stuff it with, chicken, beef or pork, the housemade guacamole and signature cilantro ranch sauce cannot be missed. And lucky for you, it’s just a 10-minute drive from The Place at Green Trails.


3. Lupe Tortilla

Where: 703 W Grand Pkwy
Price: $$

Specializing in all things Tex-Mex, Lupe Tortilla is a must for margaritas and marisco. There is no shortage of seafood-centric dishes on the menu here. Some seafood dishes include the crab-stuffed avocado appetizer, shrimp campechana with avocado tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and onions, the spicy shrimp and rice stew, grilled fish tacos, shrimp enchiladas, lobster tacos, or the epic entree, Fajitas del Mar with a 7-ounce lobster tail and crab-stuffed shrimp.


4. Los Cucos Mexican Cafe

Where: 5831 Why Blvd
Price: $$

With its full bar, happy hour specials and taco bar, it’s obvious why Los Cucos Mexican Cafe is a popular choice for Tex-Mex in Katy. The stuffed jalapenos are lightly breaded and fried, filled with chicken or shrimp, Monterey Jack cheese and served alongside lemon butter sauce. The chimichanga is always a solid choice, too.


5. Chuy’s

Where: 21300 Katy Fwy
Price: $$

Originating in Austin, Texas, in the early 1980s, this Texas-born restaurant with its small beginnings has expanded across the entire country. With a Tex-Mex-heavy menu, one dish from Chuy’s that always is a good choice is the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken. This Chuy’s original features a tender chicken breakfast that is breaded with potato chips, deep-fried and smothered in green chile sauce and cheddar cheeses. Diners also get a healthy serving of refried beans and green chile rice.


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