Want the best in local produce and goods? Check out the Baytown Farmer’s Market.

Happening on the third Saturday of each month at Baytown Town Square from 8am to noon, this farmer’s market is both family and foodie-friendly. There are a variety of vendors from local farms and cottage food providers to food trucks. Here are five reasons to check it out.

1. The market supports local farmers



Want to support your local farmers? It’s simple. Just shop their booths at the farmers market. Whether you buy fruit or veggies, pickled goods or jams and jellies, the money you spend helps keep local farms growing food for your table.

2. The market promotes community



Baytown Farmer’s Market fosters community between consumers and farmers, artists and buyers. The market serves as a gathering place for people to meet and share their passions for the local goods and services available from around the community. Speaking of community… The MCLife Houston team will be at Baytown Farmer’s Market on March 18. Stop by and say hello, neighbor!

3. The market gives you the opportunity to try something new



Have you ever tasted romanesco? How about wild honey? Oftentimes, the vendors at farmer’s markets provide samples and small tastes of what they are selling. Spending a morning at Baytown Farmer’s Market can take your tastebuds on a tour of Texas tastes.

4. The market offers local organic food at a low price



Local and organic goods are not always easy to come by. And, when you truly find something with the organic label at your big-box grocery store, the cost is simply too much. And how do you know that it is truly organic? At farmer’s markets, visitors can enjoy access to fresh, local and organic goods, that are healthy and affordable. A combination that is not easy to find.

5. The market can help promote healthy eating habits



Do you know where your food comes from? If your food comes from a box, the chances that you know where it comes from are slim. By shopping your local farmer’s market you can know for sure where exactly the food you’re preparing for your family is coming from. Parents, you can also take the time spent at Baytown Farmer’s Market to teach your children about farming and gardening, and the importance of eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies.

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