Easter bunnies on a budget this year can put together these affordable holiday baskets for under $8. Hop to it!

1. Woven paper map baskets 

Head to the kitchen junk drawer and put some of your old maps to good use in this simple, budget-friendly Easter basket DIY. For step-by-step instructions, visit the HGTV website. How you choose to fill the basket, well, that’s entirely up to you — or the Easter bunny.

2. Dollar store baskets

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal for the holidays. A quick trip to the local dollar store can get you an Easter basket plus toys and treats to fill it up. And, when it comes to that Easter “grass” make your own. Head to your craft supply box and pull out some pastel or colorful construction paper and cut it into think stips. Fold the strips over, and over, and over again, until you’ve folded the entire strip. And viola, you’ve got springy Easter grass for your basket.

3. Chalk and bubbles baskets


Part of the fun of the holiday is getting outside, whether it’s to play or for the traditional egg hunt. Fill a recycled plastic container with chalk and bubbles, which can be purchased for cheap to make a fun basket that will go to use right away.

4. Baking-themed baskets

A few fun-shaped cookie cutters and cookie-making supplies will make for a fun holiday-themed basket. Lucky for you, you’ll likely have most of the supplies in your panty. Consider making this basket a family activity.

5. Edible baskets 

While it’s not exactly traditional, this Easter basket is a sweet way to celebrate the holiday. Have you ever made rice cereal bars before? If so, this DIY will be easy for you. Those who haven’t don’t worry. The recipe is simple. All you will need is a box of store brand rice cereal, a bowl, and wax paper. Line the bowl with wax paper and follow the instructions for how to make the sweet treats on the box. These bowls can easily be filled with Easter goodies and other sweet treats.

6. Repurposed baskets

Savvy Easter bunnies will likely save their Easter grass, baskets and other holiday supplies. If you’re like the savvy bunnies, pull out your own supplies from the holiday storage and repurpose. Now, all you have to do is fill the basket.

7. Crafty baskets

If your kids are creative, consider this affordable basket. Round up all of the broken crayons from around the house and melt them down in a muffin tin to make big, fun coloring crayons. Stuff a recycled basket with the crayons and few affordable coloring books or ream of coloring paper. Use this DIY to get started.

8. Garden baskets

Fill a watering can or flower pot with seed packets and kid-friendly gardening tools. This basket can be put together on the cheap, plus is makes for a fun springtime activity with kids.


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