With the cooler weather around the corner, there is nothing like bringing a little wintry decor into your home. Whether you are decorating for your favorite holiday or changing your decor for the winter season, we have pulled together 5 DIY winter decor projects for your home that celebrate the cozy and warmth.

Clipart image of snowy mountains in various shades of blue.  White covered pine trees are in the front right of the mountains.

1. Snow Ball Ornaments

This project is an excellent way to get messy with the kids. With a little glue, some string, and balloons, you can have a little bit of snow (without the cold) into your home. If you like the look and would like to add a little color to your project, consider mixing in some liquid watercolor to your glue.

You can play with the size of the balloons as you blow them up to get various dimensions of snowballs. Once these are dried, you can string them up for ornaments or pile them in a bowl and place them on a table. These snowballs are a versatile project that bring in style to your winter decor.

2. Cozy Sweater Vase

Even without snow, we love a little bit of coziness in the home through the winter. There is nothing like candlelight and cable knit sweaters to celebrate the season. This project brings the two together for some exceptional style for your mantel or as a tabletop centerpiece.

If you have a few sweaters that are hard to part with but are no longer wearable, this is an excellent way to recycle and repurpose them. This project walks you through a simple way to wrap a glass candleholder with the sweater sleeves. While this tutorial shows only white sweaters, this can be a great project to bring a splash of color into your space.

3. Winter Terrarium

Similarly to a snowglobe, this project creates a beautiful scene that is mesmerizing to look at all season long. With apothecary jars and a few supplies, you can create a wintry scene for your home. From traditional holiday displays to adding a few quirky personal additions, the sky is the limit on what you can imagine for your terrarium.

If you have kids, this is a great project for creating a scene with some of their toy figures (with heavy glass jars, they will need adult supervision). As the season shifts, you can add or change items in the jars, and make this an ongoing art piece. Additionally, if you love the look with the lights but don’t like the cord showing, there are many battery operated light sets that would be perfect for this project.

4. Make Your Own Throw Blanket

For relaxing on the couch during the cooler nights, consider making your own seasonal throw blanket. If you have some basic sewing skills or are looking for a simple way to practice sewing, this is a great project for you. The painted stripes add some nice detail to this blanket, but you could easily add a stencil of your favorite winter inspired shape.

5. Pom Pom Garland

This project can be a subtle addition to your home decor, or if you are looking for design impact, an abundance of these pom poms can transform your space. This project uses yarn and natural straws to create a pom pom garland.

As the tutorial suggests, you can use paper straws rather than the natural straws. If you are looking for a little holiday color, red and white striped paper straws can create a bright candy cane effect. Consider also the color palette of the poms, from gold and silver, to blue and white; there are a lot of great colorful options.

Ready for the winter season? These fun DIY winter projects will help you feel the spirit of the season, even if the sunny weather outside doesn’t make you feel like it. What are your favorite DIY tricks for the season? How do you make your home feel reflect the season? Let us know in the comment section below! As always, stay tuned to our blog for all things eat, shop and play.

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