What is a Superfood?

We all know about the “superfood” crazes that pop up from time to time. Anyone just have a flash back to overpriced Acai Bowls? Because same. Really, “superfood” is just a fancy word to say nutrient dense food. Meaning that for what you are eating, it is packed with some really good for your body stuff in every bite.

Because “superfood” has become more of a marketing term, expect to see the newly named princes of the health world at a higher ticket than they once were.

Lucky for you, I rounded up some of my favorite nutrient dense “Superfoods” that you can get at your local grocery store without breaking the bank.

Check out my favorite five!

Dark Leafy Greens:
Pack some greens into a pesto!
Canned pumpkin:
Waffles are a delicious way to sneak some pumpkin in!


Check out this recipe for whole-wheat french toast topped with Bananas!

There you have it, my list of my 5 favorite superfoods you can go crazy over without breaking the bank. Everything I listed can be found at most grocery stores and for $3.00 or less. So stock up! And do you research online, if you’re not a fan of flaxseeds check out what else is out there!