As we are getting close to the end of the hottest months of the year, it can be hard to find ways to get out and enjoy ourselves without overheating or spending an arm and a leg to stay cool. Here are some cheap, fun summer adventures you can enjoy alone or with friends and family that will keep you cool and save money.

Keep Cool With These Cheap Summer Adventures

Keep Cool With These Cheap Summer Adventures

That’s right, you heard it here folks, keeping cool doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune this summer. Here are some awesome ideas; keep cool with these cheap summer adventures. Most of these ideas are kid friendly so you can take the whole family for some chill fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Gateway Fountain at Discovery Green

This is one of the most popular summer aspects of Discovery Green. It’s a massive fountain with 14 jets that spray water for everyone to cool down and have some summer fun. It’s not open to pets and kids under 14 needs to have parental supervision. Water shoes are recommended and swim diapers are required for kiddos who are not yet potty trained! All in all it’s a fun place that you can visit to cool down and have some cheap summer fun. It’s open from 9am to 7 pm everyday except Monday, when it opens at 12 noon! Discovery Green is an amazing asset here in Houston. It’s free to enter and there are all kinds of amazing family friendly activities going on throughout the park. The park covers more than 12 acres in total and makes for an excellent local adventure here in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Free Museum Admissions on Thursday

Did you know that on Thursdays you can enter many of the local museums for free?! This is an awesome way to enrich your mind and cool off with some free air conditioning. Here is a list of the museums and the times at which they offer free admissions on Thursdays. There’s plenty of places to visit so you can choose your favorites or you can check them all out over the course of the summer months.

The Galveston Island Ferry

The Galveston Island Ferry is a free service. The ride takes about 20 minutes each way and it’s crossing through one of the busiest waterways in the country. You can see everything from dolphins to other awesome boats. Not to mention when you get to Galveston Island you can swim, go for a hike, do some fishing, or have many other outdoor adventures. While you are on the ferry you’ll get to experience some of that awesome cool breeze that blows in across the water and since it’s a free activity you and the whole family can have a blast riding without hurting your budget!

Spraygrounds & Splashpads

Did you know that there are more than 20 spray grounds in the Houston area? You can check them all out at the link above and choose the one that is closest or visit them all for some cool summer fun. They offer a cheap way for the family to cool off and get some exercise. There’s nothing worse than kids who have been cooped up trying to stay cool right? This way they can stay cool and burn off some of that plentiful energy!  When it comes to cheap summer adventures you can’t go wrong with water and playgrounds!

Keep Cool With These Cheap Summer Adventures