So you have found a pet friendly apartment – now what? Dogs are amazing but not all people are crazy about them- especially landlords and neighbors. Sometimes people think they cannot live with their dog in an apartment because of behavior problems like barking and potential damage to the rental. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean Fido can’t live with you and make your neighbors and landlord happy. We’re bringing you tips for apartment living with dogs. With the proper steps and precautions taken, having a dog in your apartment can be enjoyable and stress free.

1. Make sure that you clean up after your dog.

When nature calls you bring Fido outside to do his business. This is the most important tip for apartment living with dogs. When you live in an area with many people keep in mind that other people use the space that Fido might be going to the bathroom on. Think about it: you wouldn’t want your front yard and communal spaces covered in dog poop – especially somebody else’s dog pop! Bring your poop bags and scoop that poop!

2. Crate training is essential.

dog crate

When you go to work, your dog needs a space to call his own. Being left alone for the 8 hours you are at work can cause stress and even unwanted and destructive behaviors. Crate training is especially important if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.  Keep Fido from chewing at your walls and door casings and make crate training a positive experience. If you make the crate a comfortable, fun place for your dog that is used even when you are home, your pup will associate it with a safe place versus punishment.

3. Spend time training your dog

The best investment of your time is in training your dog. When you own your home its not a huge deal if Fido runs around your living room barking. When you live in an apartment you have people living under, above and beside you that might not appreciate the noise. Start enforcing rules right away in your apartment when you bring your dog home. Treat training and positive reinforcement is a great way to get your pup on the right path to peaceful apartment living. If you need help, find a local training class that can help get your pup under control.

4. Respect leash laws in your community.

dog leash

Many towns and cities have leash laws that require dogs to be on leashes when outside your place of residence. There is nothing more annoying than having a dog run loose through the neighborhood. Oftentimes, people are untrusting of dogs on the loose. You never know if a dog may snap and bite a neighborhood child or bolt in front of car. Letting your dog run around unleashed is a safety concern. Unless you are in a gated pet park or area that says dogs may be off the leash – don’t do it.

5. Not everyone thinks your furry friend is cute.

Most dog people are OBSESSED with their pets. We all think they’re the cutest thing in the world? But, hey, some people really don’t like dogs. Some people just aren’t animal people and when you live in apartment building you are bound to run into someone like that. Respect their aversion to your furry friend by keeping Fido on a leash and training him to walk calmly beside you when around others. Apartment living with dogs affects your own personal space and the community around you.

6. Some dogs are not very dog-friendly.

It is important to remember to give space to any other dogs that may live in your community to avoid conflict and stress. Plus, in a pet friendly apartment community, you may run into dogs more often while walking around. So be careful when approaching other dogs. Talk to the owner, and don’t let your dog rush up too quickly. Caution is key.

7. Keep Fido well exercised and occupied.

dog with ball in mouth

This I cannot stress enough. When your dog is bored they turn to destructive behaviors such as barking, chewing, scratching, digging and getting into stuff that they shouldn’t be. Setting your dog up for behavioral success by taking him for a walk or bringing him to the dog park to get out pent up energy is the key.

8. Look into daycare for Fido.

Daycare is a great way to keep your dog occupied and out of the house for the day especially if he still isn’t crystal clear on all the house rules yet. Its also fantastic for socializing with other dogs. Playing with puppy friends and getting treats all day sure is better than staying in a quiet apartment all day while the human is at work!

Each of these steps are easy to implement into your daily life. The most important thing to remember is that a happy dog is a tired dog; and a tired dog will not bark or chew up your furniture while you are out. With these basic petiquette tips, you and Fido will be on the fast track to living peacefully in your apartment. What do you thinks? What tips for apartment living with dogs would you give to a friend or co-worker? Let us know in the comment section below!

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