When the weather starts to warm up, nothing quite hits the spot for Texans like a cold margarita and some delicious Mexican food. Plan your road trip on over to Houston and attend The Houston Margarita Festival – a #1 ranked adult-only event that you won’t want to miss!  

Two lime margaritas are served in a tall stemmed margarita glass.  There are cut limes, a knife, and cutting board in the background.

Houston Margarita Festival

You don’t have to be from Houston to appreciate a great margarita and some delicious Mexican food. The Houston Margarita Festival is definitely worth the drive – you will have the chance to enjoy the best margaritas in Houston!  

If you are lucky enough to call Houston home you don’t want to miss this.  Either way, head on over to The Houston Margarita Festival website to find the upcoming dates for this fantastic event.  

Affordable Tickets

Tickets to the #1 Margarita Festival of Houston can be purchased ahead of time online at The Houston Margarita Festival Ticket page.  With an incredible pre-sale price, purchasing tickets online will give you a huge savings.  

Tickets are also available for purchase at the gates on the day of The Houston Margarita Festival. There are many different levels of tickets that will provide you with as many perks as you are looking for.

Best Entertainment Ever!

The Houston Margarita Festival has the best live entertainment. It truly has a thrilling event for everyone. If you are hoping to listen to a live mariachi band, judge the margaritas in the best margarita competition, or dance the night away – we’ve got you covered with all the fun you can handle and more. Check out The Houston Margarita Festival Entertainment page for more information about the incredible live entertainment.

Chilled Margaritas and Amazing Food

The Houston Margarita Festival serves more margarita flavors than you could ever imagine. Have you ever enjoyed a watermelon, coconut, pomegranate, or green apple margarita? Check out all of the flavors of margaritas they have to offer at The Houston Margarita Festival page.  

You can’t drink a margarita without eating some of the best Mexican food in Houston. The Houston Margarita Festival has plenty of food vendors that will meet and exceed the needs of all eaters.  

Cheers!  Four people are holding margarita glasses together.  Two are topped with sliced watermelon, and two of the glasses are topped with lime and Jalapeño slice.