This year we will be dealing with Black Friday in a Pandemic. It’s not what we want, but it’s what we’ve got! Instead of giving up on the idea altogether, use these tips for dealing with Black Friday in a pandemic so you can stay safe and still score all the deals you want for the holiday season. 

The first and most important thing we need to remember and remind ourselves of is that it’s about being safe and healthy, the stuff that comes with Black Friday shopping can wait if necessary! So make sure you are focused on doing things the safe way and not just laser focused on those prices and deals. 

We have all been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for almost a full year now. That means that we all have a lot of tools at our disposal to make Black Friday in Houston a safe one this year! Holiday shopping in Houston has been underway for some people for a few months already but the real crunch time is coming up quickly. 

When Black Friday arrives and you are ready to do your holiday shopping in Houston, keep these things in mind and make your plan ahead of time! 

Black Friday in Houston | Holiday Shopping in Houston Pandemic Edition: 

Here are some of the best tips and tricks we have plus a few reminders about Black Friday in Houston that you can use to make your holiday shopping plans. Hopefully these things will allow you to enjoy this fun day without putting yourself or others at risk! 

Deals Starting Early 

A lot of the deals are already happening! Don’t panic, you aren’t missing out completely, many stores have moved their deals online. Just hop on  your computer or smartphone and search some for your favorite retailers. 

Most places, especially big box stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and BestBuy are already running deals and specials to help flatten the spike of shopping that gets done in one single day like Black Friday in Houston. 

The deals are starting early in November to help subdue crowds and to help with social distancing protocols. If you can start your shopping now, do it! 

Retailers Are Changing Their Plans

Many retailers are changing their usual Black Friday plans to accommodate the pandemic. That’s great news for most of us because that means they are working hard to make sure that customers and shoppers can be safe while buying up their Black Friday deals. 

Check out more about how Walmart is reinventing Black Friday for the pandemic! It’s amazing to see how much has changed in one year! 

Black Friday Deals Online

I know, some of you are probably thinking that Black Friday in Houston just won’t be the same without shopping in stores. The truth is, that is just our mind playing tricks on us. Likely, you can have just as much fun shopping online. 

Almost all retailers are doing the same deals online that they are offering in stores. You can either have your items shipped to you or you can do curbside pickup to retrieve your items from a local store. 

If you need to do your shopping in person some stores will still be open but you should plan on longer lines to accommodate distancing, and you should plan ahead to bring a mask, gloves, etc to help keep you and others safe while shopping in person. Patience will be key this year! 

Historic Holiday Season with New Traditions Starting

Try and look at the bright side for this year! You can start your own holiday shopping in Houston traditions! No matter what you have to do to stay safe this year, it could become a fun new tradition for your family or shopping crew. 

Plan to get together if you can do so safely, bring computers, phones, tablets, etc and do your shopping online with your crew! 

Another fun idea is to do some shopping from the online wish lists for your favorite charity. If you are stuck at home and don’t feel much like shopping for yourself or your family, you can always do a little good by sending some holiday cheer to others! 

We hope you’ll have a safe and happy holiday season and that Black Friday in a pandemic will still be fun and a little bit exciting!