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Tracking Down the Best Pizza in Austin

Italy, New York, and Chicago are all known for their distinctive types of pizza. But have you ever thought of Austin as a pizza destination? Austin foodies certainly have. Here at MCLife, we are in love with Austin restaurants, especially if they serve a big slice of cheesy goodness. That’s why we’re tracking down the best pizza in Austin.


Where: 6555 Burnet Road #100, Austin, Texas 78757

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 2.8 miles

What: With two locations in Austin, you can’t get much better than a slice of pizza at Bufalina. They have all of the classics, including margherita, pepperoni, and mushroom pizza, as well as some more unusual pies, like the harissa that has onion cauliflower, dates, pistachio, and salsa verde. And if you didn’t stuff your stomach full of enough pizza, they have an amazing olive oil cake, ice cream with sherry, and strawberry pie for dessert. Yum!

East Side Pies

Where: 1809 West Anderson Lane, Austin, Texas 78757

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 2.1 miles

What: Take a bite of a delicious, thin-crust pizza at East Side Pies. Not only will your taste buds love every bit of cheese, sauce, and toppings, but you can feel good about where you’re spending your money, too. East Side Pies works with local farmers and buys Texas meats to help support the local community and give you fresh, local ingredients. Even better, they have all kinds of fundraisers and community support projects, giving you even more reasons to pick up a pie on your way home.

Little Deli & Pizzeria

Where: 7101 Woodrow Avenue Suite A, Austin, Texas 78757

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 2.9 miles

What: It’s Friday night and you just don’t feel like cooking. We get it. That’s why one of our best apartment living tips is to head over to Little Deli & Pizzeria on your way home from work to pick up a pizza to go. You can go with something traditional or one of their specialty pies (or both!) to please even the pickiest of eaters. Everyone in your family will be delighted when you walk through the door with a hot, tasty dinner without any prep time, mess, or clean up. It’s a win-win-win.

Via 313 Pizza

Where: 3016 Guadalupe Street #100, Austin, Texas 78705

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 6.3 miles

What: Another Austin favorite pizza destination is Via 313. It’s perfect for lunch, dinner, weekends, or just about any casual occasion when you want a tasty slice. Beyond the amazing pizza, you also can order a wide variety of beers, wine, and cocktails, making it a great place to stop after work or hang out with your friends and family.

These four amazing pizza restaurants are all close to our Austin apartments, making them fast, convenient, and perfect to stop for lunch and dinner. They are some of our favorites, but we want to hear about your favorite pizza parlors in Austin in the comments below!

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