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Austin Bucket List: 10 Things You Must Do in 2018

A new year means new resolutions, activities to try, events to attend, and things to do. If you’re ready to take on 2018, here are 10 things to put on your Austin bucket list:

1. Get Some Exercise

Austin has a ton of parks, trails, lakes, and other places where you can get some exercise for free. After all, getting in shape is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Try out some of the best places to bike, hike, kayak, and swim around Austin to have a healthy 2018.

2. Have a Picnic

Plan a day around being outside with some exercise and a picnic. Visit the beautiful parks around Austin to enjoy the natural environment and pack some sandwiches, pasta salad, and dessert to soak it all in.

3. Go on a Brewery Tour

If you’re looking for a little more excitement in 2018, gather up your friends to go on a brewery tour. Try some craft beers, eat some snacks, and find some new hang out spots for happy hour.

4. Eat Some Barbecue

There’s nothing like Texas barbecue. Make a New Year’s resolution to eat all the best barbecue you can find around Austin in 2018. Check out Thrillist’s list of restaurants to get you started.

5. Learn About Austin History

Extend your education beyond school with trips to Austin’s amazing museums and monuments. Visit the State Capitol building to learn about the city, or take your family to a variety of museums to broaden your minds. The Austin Museum Partnership helps you find new places to learn throughout 2018.

6. Take in Some Art

Austin isn’t just a historical city; it also has a ton of art, music, and culture. Go to the Contemporary Austin, the Blanton Museum of Art, the Mexic-Arte Museum, or any of the number of places that showcase street art around the city.

7. See More Live Shows

And of course you can’t forget about music in the Live Music Capital. Make a New Year’s resolution to see as many shows as you can fit into your schedule this upcoming year. If you really want to go big, top it off with tickets to SXSW.

8. Get in the Water

Once the weather heats up a bit, it’s time to dive into Austin’s pools, lakes, rivers, and water parks. Take a look at our list of some of the best spots to go swimming in Austin.

9. Attend a Festival

Even though SXSW is the biggest festival in Austin, it isn’t the only one worth going to. Get out of the house, be around other Austinites, and enjoy the city. Check out last spring’s list of festivals to figure out where to look for 2018 festivals.

10. Stay Weird

Last but certainly not least, the most important thing you can do is to embrace Austin’s weirdness in 2018. Don’t forget what makes this city great, and that’s you being your weird self!

Write down your resolutions, goals, and must-do items for 2018. Then get out of the house and enjoy Austin!

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