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Cathedral of Junk

Cathedral of Junk

4422 Lareina Drive, Austin, TX 78745


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Cathedral of Junk

A garden of TV sets. Hallways lined with circuit boards and bicycle parts, and an inner “throne room” illuminated by recycled beer signs and other interesting doodads. Built and steadily added to over a period of 26 years by long-term Austinite Vince Hanneman, the Cathedral of Junk is made from over 60 tons of abandoned trash that Hanneman finds or is gifted by fans. What started out as a fun personal project in a man’s backyard has now come to symbolize Austin’s knack for rehabilitating ugly and unwanted objects (and people) and making them beautiful again.

Reservations are required to visit: call  512-299-7413

Where: 4422 Lareina Drive, Austin, TX 78745


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