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10 Easy Halloween Costumes Made for Procrastinators

You don’t want to be that person who has the same cliche costume as everyone else at the party. Even worse, one of those tacky store-bought costumes. You pride yourself on your creativity, so you have to step it up this year with a Halloween costume everyone will want to steal. For a little inspiration, we have 15 unique ideas to get you started.

1. Maverick and Goose

Jump into your flight jumpsuit, put on your goggles and be ready to sing “Danger Zone” all night long. If you have little ones, this is a perfect costume choice because you can transform their stroller into jet. Dress them in some tiny helmets with nametags and they’ll be the hit of every house.

2. Mario and Luigi

You and your brother or best friend should kick it old school with Mario and Luigi. All you need are denim overalls, a red and green shirt, and a matching hat with the respective “M” and “L” on it.

Smashed Carrots and Peas has a great tutorial to turn your kiddos into Mario and Luigi this Halloween.

3. Meme

Get some poster board and string to dress up as your favorite meme. You can print out the design or recreate it with your outfit. Everyone will be impressed with your creativity.

4. Powerpuff Girls

For some sugar, spice, and everything nice, you can dress as the best superheroes with your two besties. Get some pink, green, and baby blue tutus and shirts, and pair them with some leggings. Don’t forget Blossom’s big bow!

Holidappy has a great tutorial and make up tips to transform into the Powderpuff Girls this Halloween.

5. Secret Service

Be the coolest person at the party dressed in a black suit and aviators. Don’t forget your earpiece and watch you can talk into.

6. S’more

Who doesn’t love a good camping dessert? To dress up as a s’more, you need to buy a sandwich board and paint it to look like graham crackers. Put on a dark brown shirt for the chocolate and some cotton balls for the fluffy marshmallows. Yum!

My Chocolate Moments has an easy and cheap DIY project to follow.

7. When You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This is another adorable kids costume (but adults can wear it, too!). Put on your faded overalls and a pair of mouse ears, and carry around a pillow shaped like a chocolate chip cookie. So cute and easy.

8. Unicorn

You can go as simple or crazy as you want with this costume idea, making it the perfect creative choice. No matter what, make sure you have a horn, mane, tail, and plenty of glitter.

Dana Jean has an easy to follow video tutorial to help you put together a Unicorn Costume

9. Juno and Bleeker

Looking for a creative couples costume? Juno needs a big, pregnant stomach with a striped orange shirt, jeans, and a black hoodie. Bleeker has a distinctive maroon and gold track uniform with matching sweatbands. Don’t forget the Sunny D.

10. Night Sky

Shoot for the moon and stars with this costume option. Get a full black onesie (or tights and leotard) to give yourself a blank canvas. Sew, iron, or glue on tons of tiny silvery stars to make your costume twinkle, just like the night sky.

11. Imagination

If you loved Spongebob as a kid, you know what imagination looks like. You can go crazy with this idea as long as you have a rainbow arched over your head so you can spread your hands and say “imagination” in your best Spongebob imitation all night.

12. Lucky Charms

Pot of gold, leprechaun, rainbow, marshmallows

13. Jellyfish

Go a little psychedelic and funky with this Halloween outfit. You need a wide-brimmed hat that you can hang colorful tassels from. Make sure the tassels are crimped, and add tiny strings lights to make it extra special.

Brit+Co has a handy blog with 3 different ways to make a jellyfish costume for Halloween.

14. Swan

Channel Natalie Portman with this unique costume. You need a white tutu and leotard that you can cover in white feathers. Then, put on a pair of white wings and a white masquerade mask to look like a graceful and angelic swan.

15. Tree or Flower

If you love nature, go as your favorite tree or flower this Halloween. If you’re a tree, wear a brown dress or pants and shirt for your trunk. Then, make a headpiece out of green leaves to look like the top of the tree. For a flower, trade out the brown trunk for a green stem. Then, make the headpiece into brightly colored flower petals.

You don’t need to copy everyone else to have a great costume this October. Embrace your creativity and everyone will want to steal your idea for next year.

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