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8 Easy Hacks to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

Dogs aren’t the only pets welcome at our MC Life properties. We love all pets and want every member of your family to feel at home. While your cat already runs your household, you want to keep every room looking beautiful and smelling fresh. This is why we’re providing you with eight clever litter box hacks to hide, disguise, and minimize the impact of your furry friends.

1. In a Cabinet

One of the most common ways to hide a litter box is to store it inside a cabinet. From the outside it looks like a normal cabinet that has pictures, books, or a lamp on top of it, but inside it’s a private place for your cats to do their business. What you need to do is cut a door in the side or back of the cabinet for your cat to enter and exit, secure the litter box inside the cabinet (with an inverted wire basket or shelf), and leave room for messes to stay inside the cabinet instead of on your floor. Follow these directions from Instructables for more help.

2. Under a Sink

This is a simple litter box hack for the more DIY-challenged among us. If you have a floating or slim sink in your bathroom, simply attach a curtain around the edges and store the litter box underneath. You can attach the fabric to the sink with velcro, and choose a cute pattern to match your shower curtain and bath mat.

3. Between the Washer and Dryer

The laundry room is another great place to hide away a litter box. If you have enough room between the washer and dryer, you have a few options. Build a cabinet around your washer and dryer by placing a board on top of the machines and attaching swinging doors to the board. Then, cut a hole for your cat to enter the space between the machines and access the litter box. Not only does it hide your cat’s bathroom, but it also hides bulky appliances.

4. Behind a Curtain

Similar to the sink idea, you can use a curtain to hide your cat’s litter box just about anywhere. For example, place the litter box under a small end table and attach a curtain or cloth around the edges. Easy peasy!

5. Under a Bench

This litter box hack is perfect for your entryway if you have a bench where you put on your shoes or place packages. Offbeat Home & Life suggests using bench boxes as the perfect cover for a litter box. All you need to do is cut a hole for your cats to enter and exit, find the right size litter box for the space and place mats to catch any excess litter underneath.

6. In a Cat House

If you’re really not into DIY projects (not everyone can be Martha Stewart after all), you can buy some premade solutions your cat will love. From cat houses with a litter box inside to cabinets they can hide in, you can find all kinds of options on Amazon.

7. In Your Decor

As you’ve seen from the examples above, you can hide a litter box in almost anything that is hollow on the inside and you can cut a round hole into. Don’t waste precious space in your apartment with bulky furniture for the litter box when you can incorporate it into your design. Hide it in the bottom of a large vase of the fake tree in the corner of your living room. Use a crate to go with your rustic aesthetic or in a sleek end table. Find the items you already love for your apartment and find a way to convert them into a cat haven.

8. In the Bathroom

The sink, vanity, and cabinet areas of your bathrooms are great options for a litter box. You don’t have to worry about it making the rest of your apartment smell or anyone tripping over the box. Find a place to hide it away or cover it up in your bathroom where it won’t make a mess.

These are just a few options to hide away your cat’s litter box. If you have any litter box tips, leave us a comment below!

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