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5 DIY Projects for Under $15

You may think that you have to drop a lot of money to decorate your apartment, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We’re bringing you five DIY projects for under $15 to help you decorate on a budget.

Washi Tape

Get creative and decorate your walls with just about any shape, pattern, or design you can imagine. You can buy rolls of washi tape for under $10 in a variety of colors and patterns. Use the tape to create a striped accent wall, put polka dots on your backsplash, or even draw a picture. You also can put washi tape on some of your other decor items, such as lamps, planters, coasters, tissue boxes, and more. Check out Buzzfeed’s suggestions on cute washi tape projects.

Clothesline Pictures

You have tons of DIY decorating options with pictures. You can keep your budget really low by buying a roll of twine and a packet of clothespins. Drape the twine in layers down an open wall or lay it out in a large semicircle, and then clip some of your favorite pictures with the clothespins to the twine. This DIY project can take up as much or as little space as you want, which makes it perfect for filling blank walls.

Mason Jars

This is another easy DIY hack because the options are endless. Put tea light candles in mason jars to add some soft light to your bathroom. Add some decorative and colorful labels to your jars and set them out on your kitchen counter with baking ingredients, snacks, or other kitchen items. Set up a small cart or tea table in a corner and use mason jars to display some of your favorite items. The best part about mason jars is that you can paint them, illuminate them, or just leave them plain and they add a rustic aesthetic to your home. You can buy a set of 12 for about $8.


Pillows are an easy way you can add pops of color to your rooms. Look for contrasting colors to your large pieces of furniture, such as your couch or bed, to draw your eye in. You also can recover your pillows with fabric in fun designs, such as zebra stripes, polka dots, or zigzag, or you can put one of your favorite words or sayings on the pillow.

Nail String Art

Think outside of the box with this budget-friendly decoration. Pick your favorite pattern, design, animal, phrase or anything else to make a piece of wall art. All you need is a wooden board, a bag of nails, and whatever color string your design requires. To complete this project, trace your pattern onto the wood, hammer the nails evenly apart, and then wind the string around the nails until your design is clear.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your apartment. All you need is a little creativity and know-how and you’ll be on your way to a stylish place.

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