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5 Ways to Customize Your Living Room in a Pinch

When you flip through interior design magazines or browse the internet, it can seem like the only way to make your home look stylish is to spend a lot of time and money. But this just isn’t practical for the average person. If you’re looking to customize your living room in a pinch, check out these five budget design ideas.

Lay Down a Statement Rug

Add a pop of color, pattern, or texture with a new rug in your living room. Measure your floor area and make sure the right will cover most of the floor (leaving walkways around it) so that it draws your eyes to it. Especially if you have neutral-colored walls and furniture in your apartment, a rug is an easy way to add in some personality.

Hang Luxurious Curtains

Just like a statement rug, an easy way to add some color, pattern, or texture into your living room is with curtains or window treatments. If you want to make your ceilings look higher and your space larger, hang up floor-to-ceiling curtains in a lightweight fabric. If you want a chic look, opt for silky, iridescent curtains that blow in the breeze. If you want something more vibrant and fun, go for a bold and colorful pattern that offsets your furniture and other accents.

Create a Collage Wall

While you may want to purchase expensive art to hang over your sofa and act as a centerpiece to your room, this may not be realistic for your budget. Instead, a cheap living room design hack is to create a collage wall full of your favorite photos and memories. Buy a variety of affordable picture frames that work well together (they don’t have to match exactly), and hang them in a unique pattern on your wall. Not only does this draw your eye, but it acts as a fun talking point and a personal touch to your apartment.

Change out the Lighting

Another easy way to make your apartment shine is to change out the standard lighting for something a little more stylish. Purchase a large lamp that hangs over a reading chair or behind your couch. Or you can buy several small lamps with colorful bases or patterned shades to match the rest of your design aesthetic. If you’re really feeling fancy, change out the hanging light fixture above your kitchen table or in the middle of your family room with an affordable chandelier.

Focus on Accents

You don’t have to make any drastic changes to customize your living room. When your budget is tight, focus on the little things that pull everything together. For example, buy throw pillows, knick knacks, picture frames, vases, mirrors, and other items in your color scheme. You also can place memorabilia, momentos, and family heirlooms around your room to show who you are as a person or family.

Don’t stress that your home looks standard or boring. With a few simple touches, you can make it feel like it belongs to you and still have plenty of money left in the bank.

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