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5 Restaurants for Amazing Italian Food Around Austin

You dream of pasta in marinara sauce, breadsticks, prosciutto, salad, soups, and all things Italian. You can’t imagine loving any food more, and it’s always your go-to meal. If this sounds like you, we’ve picked out five scrumptious Italian restaurants that you have to try in Austin that are near The Place at Terracina.

Andiamo Ristorante

Where: 2521 Rutland Drive # 325, Austin, Texas 78758

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 2.7 miles

Cost: $$$

What: If you want a true Italian eatery, you have to eat a meal made by someone from Italy. That’s what you’ll find at Andiamo Ristorante, which is owned by Daniela Marcone who is originally from Naples. Her restaurant focuses on authentic Italian cuisine that is driven by fresh, locally grown ingredients. You have to try the calamari, gnocchi and linguine cozze, all of which have received rave reviews from customers.


Where: 2307 Hancock Drive, Austin, Texas 78756

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 4.5 miles

Cost: $$

What: This Italian spot isn’t just for a sit-down meal but any time, even if you need a hot meal at home. Epicerie is part cafe, part bar, and part grocery that makes it an interesting place to try some new dishes. Take a bite of a delicious Italian sandwich, eat a steaming bowl of gnocchi, or try the rustic chicken thighs. Epicerie also serves Sunday brunch so you can eat something tasty before doing some grocery shopping.

Olive and June

Where: 3411 Glenview Avenue, Austin, Texas 78703

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 5.1 miles

Cost: $$$

What: At this Italian hot spot you can find some of the best handmade pasta. Order dish after dish of ravioli, fusilli, mezzaluna, risotto, and spaghetti so everyone can try a bite of each dish. Don’t forget about ordering drinks, too. Olive and June has one of the most diverse selections of Italian wines, Amari, and Grappa around Austin.

Asti Trattoria

Where: 408 East 43rd Street C, Austin, Texas 78751

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 6.1 miles

Cost: $$

What: What’s an Italian restaurant without pizza? While you can still get all of your favorite pasta dishes, eggplant parmesan, and shortribs, you also can grab a slice of delicious pizza. Pair your meal with a nice glass of wine and you have yourself a lovely dinner out with the family.


Where: 1213 West Lynn Street, Austin, Texas 78703

Distance From The Place at Terracina: 6.9 miles

Cost: $$

What: Cipollina is a great place to go when you want a casual, Italian meal. You don’t have to worry about it being too fancy or pricey, but you know you’ll get a tasty pizza, pasta, or salad. Its customers suggest trying the fried calamari, kale pizza, and salami pizza.

You can’t do much better than Italian food around Austin. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from so you can have an easy night out with the family or a fancy date night with your special someone. Be sure to tell us about your favorite Italian restaurants near The Place at Terracina in the comments!

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